Students in the Midlands receive A-level results after exams cancelled

It's been a results day like no other - where A-level students across the UK have received grades after not sitting exams because of the pandemic.

Instead, grades have been manufactured from a combination of predicted grades, school's past success and a moderation mechanism.

  • A-level results: How have grades been worked out?

There was a mixed reaction from A-level students at The de Ferrers Sixth Form in Burton-upon-Trent today.

One student that was interviewed by ITV News Central said in March he "felt like he was ready for the big exams but unfortunately didn't get a chance to do them".

He didn't receive his expected grades and is now assessing his options.

Whereas another student says she would have preferred higher grades but is still happy as her grades were enough to get into her first choice of university.

Some students also said they felt increasingly anxious this morning following the news that exam boards downgraded nearly 40% of school leavers' grades in England.

Teachers at the school have been working hard to make sure that pupils are aware of their options.

What is the 'triple lock' plan?

Principal Kathy Hardy explains:

Once pupils have received their results they can decide to do the following:

  • Accept the grade they've received today.

  • Appeal to use their mock results from previous examinations.

  • Wait to sit an exam in the Autumn term when school returns to normal.

Hear from more pupils about how they feel about their A-level results by going onto ITV Central's instagram.

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