Police trial using virtual reality to train officers on the use of tasers

Credit: PA Images

Police in Derbyshire are to trial using a virtual reality environment for officers to train officers on how to use tasers.

The force has teamed up with a private company to create the new training method which will give officers the opportunity to experience real life scenarios whilst training.

Derbyshire's Chief Constable, Peter Goodman, has previously said he wants to increase the number of Tasers in the county but that they would only be given to officers on a voluntary rather than obligatory basis.

Currently the force is bidding for 200 new Taser devices over the next two years.

Assistance Chief Constable Kem Mehmet said: "We are grateful for the support of the Police and Crime Commissioner in his bid to secure additional funding for Taser devices for our officers."

"It's a fundamental duty of the police to protect the public from harm and the use of Tasers allows specially trained officers to be effective in achieving this responsibility along with protecting themselves and their colleagues."

If the scheme is a success it will be rolled out to forces across the country.

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