Up to 40 stolen puppies found in van on the M6 in Cheltenham

Between 30 and 40 puppies were found. Credit: BPM Media

A number of puppies have been found in a van in Cheltenham by Gloucestershire Police after the vehicle was stopped on the M6 on the weekend.A 24-year-old man from Durham was pulled over as part of an investigation into reports of a man seen loading puppies into a vehicle in the village of Charlton Kings on Saturday afternoon (August 22).Gloucestershire Police worked with West Mercia Police to have the van stopped on the motorway.Between 30 and 40 puppies were found in crates inside, and the man was arrested on suspicion of theft.

The puppies found consisted of Border Collies, Beagles and Jack Russell’s and are now being cared for in a secured kennel.

The puppies have been assessed and two remain in the care of a veterinary surgery.

The man has  since been released under investigation pending further enquiries.

Anyone with information about the suspected theft has been asked to contact 101.

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