Midlands Weather Warning: What to expect from Storm Francis

The yellow wind warning, in effect from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning, covers the entire region. Credit: Met Office

The weather has always been a talking point, and that’s why I love it.

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen our fair share of changing weather. But, over the next 24 hours - hang on to your hats - because something big is coming.

We are in the last throes of meteorological summer and it’s leaving us with a memorable finale - out in the Atlantic, a storm is brewing.

It’s a deep area of low pressure that only 6 hours ago did not have a name. That has all changed, as it has now been christened 'Francis.'

What Francis will bring to the UK. Credit: Met Office

How serious is it?

Well, with wind strengths exceeding 60mph inland it is serious.

Naturally we have a weather warning in place lasting from 9am tomorrow morning (Tuesday 24th) until 9am Wednesday.

We are expecting heavy rain and strong winds, but, puzzlingly, the heaviest rain does not align with the strongest winds.

We’ll experience sharp downpours through our night time hours - with 20 to 30 mm possible and strong winds during the day. In essence, it's a double whammy.

Naturally, with a warning like this, there is a possibility of disruption to travel and powersupplies - along with a physical danger caused by flying debris.

Bridges could be closed and if you live near the coast expect large waves.

When it comes to our weather, it is that self-perpetuating force, eternally hungry in seekingout new ways to amaze us all…Stay safe, protect yourself and your loved ones and comeWednesday afternoon we can bask in calmer conditions that will surround us all.

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