Efforts to prevent Birmingham lockdown include new whistle-blowing hotline

Birmingham council has launched a new whistle-blowing hotline in an attempt to curb a rise in coronavirus cases in the area.

It's part of new measures to keep the rate of Coronavirus infections down in Birmingham.

Birmingham has been added to the Government's coronavirus watch list because of an increase in cases. More than half of the cases have been people between the ages of 18-34.

Much of the guidance in force at present suggests that businesses or people should do/not do certain things which are not legally enforceable. 

From Wednesday (26 August) the measures will be legally enforced and must be complied.

  • Restaurants will be banned from taking bookings for more than 6 people - or bookings from a group made up of more than two different households. 

  • Weddings and funerals could be stopped if more than thirty people are expected.

  • Parks may be closed if they're deemed unsafe. 

Businesses failing to comply will be investigated by Police and Birmingham City Council.

There is also a whistle-blowing hotline that people can use to report businesses anonymously.

Offending businesses could also be issued with written warning and if they continue to flout the regulations, they may be forced to close.

Birmingham was put on the Government's coronavirus watchlist Credit: PA Images

While the recent figures show our rates are going down, we cannot be complacent. We must all continue to follow all the relevant safety guidance in order to protect our families, friends and work colleagues.

Most importantly staying disciplined now is a price worth paying when compared to the cost of damaging the future life chances of our City’s children – which may happen if there is a spike in the rate of infections and schools have to close, or parents do not send them due to concerns about the potential risks.

Whilst the impact of Covid-19 may be felt over the next few years, the negative impacts upon children not being present at school will last a lifetime.

Councillor Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council

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