Student whose university fees were paid by Taylor Swift thanks singer

A student has thanked Taylor Swift for giving a generous donation towards her university fees by posting a video online.

The singer donated £23,000 to Victoria Mario's crowd-funding campaign, to help support her through her maths degree at the University of Warwick.

The student tweeted a video on Wednesday (26 August) to thank Taylor Swift for her support towards achieving her dream.

In the video she says "I am making this video to say thank you so much Taylor for your big impact in my campaign and in my life and for being so generous and so kind towards me".

The teenager says she made the video with the intention for it to reach Taylor Swift.

A few hours later the pop star responded to the video, saying that it had made her day and added: "Let's find a way to meet when it's safe to!"

Taylor Swift also said that she was proud of the student and added: "You worked so hard to get those incredible grades and it was an honor to have some part in your journey".

Vitoria Mario has been overjoyed with Taylor Swift's response and replied back by saying "I would love to meet you".

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