‘King-of-the-jungle-sized’ birthday party thrown for 1-year-old lion cubs at West Mids Safari Park

West Midlands Safari Park has celebrated seven of its lion cubs turning 1 this year.

Staff at the Worcestershire attraction threw a ‘king-of-the-jungle-sized' party for the miniature ‘big cats’ - who were born on 27 August and 17 September last year. 

Keepers made several animal-themed gift boxes filled with presents for the young lions.

Credit: West Midlands Safari Park

The cubs, made up of five boys and two girls, spent the day feasting and playing with the 'roar-some' treats.

They were even joined by some of the reserve’s adult African lions. 

The cubs love to have fun destroying things, and all types enrichment – boxes, paper bags or even trees in the reserve - are regularly chewed and ripped apart as part of their play.

The cubs all interact really well together, and we have been able to see their range of different personalities come out, which has been brilliant.

Kate Atkinson, Senior Carnivore Keeper

Credit: West Midlands Safari Park

The two litters of cubs were born to ten-year-old female Scar, and seven-year-old female Amber, within three weeks of each other last summer.

The male cubs are expected to grow their distinctive manes when they turn two-years-old.

Credit: West Midlands Safari Park

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