Teenager who proved medical experts wrong set for college

A Staffordshire boy has defied all the odds as he begins another chapter in his life as a college student.

Ben Baddeley's parents were told he'd never read or write which made the smile on the face of the 16-year-old all the more satisfying - as he opened his GCSE and BTEC results.

Ben was born with cerebral palsy and spent years in a wheelchair before an operation in 2014 freed up the damaged nerves in his legs that prevented him from walking.

His parents were also told their son would never walk, but he did.

After a painful operation and sheer determination he managed to learn to walk and has been an inspiration to others.

His life-changing surgery had to be done privately after it was cancelled on the NHS because of budget cuts.  

Well-wishers, including actor Michael Sheen, raised thousands to pay for the op and fund-raising continues for the £1500 a month it costs for Ben's private physiotherapy.

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