The family of a woman murdered by her stalker fear he could be released early

The family of a woman who was murdered by her stalker fear he could be set released early if he is allowed to complete his sentence in his native India.

Alice Ruggles, 24, from Tur Langton in Leicestershire, was killed in 2016 by her ex boyfriend Trimaan Dhillon.

He was jailed for a minimum of 22 years in 2017.

Alice had contacted Northumbria Police about Dhillon stalking in the days before he broke into her Gateshead home and repeatedly cut her throat.

Her father Clive Ruggles and mother Sue Hills believe Alice's death will be in vain if he's allowed to leave the country.

Clive said they said after hearing about a similar case where a woman was murdered in 2008 in Glasgow and he killer was allowed to go back to his home country - they worried the same would happen with Dhillon.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said the family have been contacted by the Prime Minister has spoken with the family to discuss their understandable concerns.

While we are determined to punish and deport foreign national offenders, this would only happen where an appropriate sentence is guaranteed to be served overseas.

Ministry of Justice spokesperson: