At least 5 Nottingham and Nottinghamshire schools closed due to coronavirus

Heymann Primary and Nursery School in West Bridgford has reported two cases of coronavirus. Credit: BPM Media.

At least Five schools across Nottinghamshire have been forced to close because of Covid-19.

Schools have only been open for around a week but closures have already come into force because of coronavirus.

It's after new measures have been enforced to protect staff, pupils and families.

What schools have been affected?

Mellers Primary School in Radford was the first school to reveal it had a recorded case, followed by another a day later.

As a result Year 1 and Year 3 pupils at the school have had to self-isolate for two weeks, and the school has had to close.

Year 5 pupils from Bingham's Robert Miles Junior School are now also in quarantine after a member of their teaching staff caught coronavirus.

Trowell C of E Primary School has also confirmed one of its teachers has contracted the virus and is in hospital. The school has since closed its doors for two weeks.

Since then there has been reports of a further two schools being affected.

The head teacher at Robert Shaw Primary and Nursery School in Southfield Road, Beechdale confirmed a Year 5 class will have to self-isolate for two weeks after a staff member tested positive.

The rest of the school remains open and is said to be working with Public Health England (PHE).

The latest school to be affected is Heymann Primary School in West Bridgford, where two cases have been confirmed by Public Health England (PHE).

A Department for Education spokesperson said: “The very small number of schools that are asking some or all of their pupils to remain at home are following our clear published process following a positive case being confirmed in a school".

They added: “If a positive case is confirmed, swift action will be taken to ask those who have been in close contact with them to self-isolate, and Public Health England’s local health protections teams are standing ready to support and advise schools in this situation. Children who are self-isolating will continue to receive remote education from home."

“We will continue to work with schools to ensure all appropriate steps are taken to keep pupils and staff safe.”

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