"This is a second wave from what we're seeing in the hospitals" warns hospital boss

NHS staff "will do all they can" says hospital boss Credit: ITV News

Hospital bosses in Birmingham are warning that the number of people being admitted to hospital with coronavirus is increasing rapidly.

Dr David Rosser, the CEO of University Hospitals Birmingham, says over the past two weeks the number of coronavirus patients admitted to hospital and intensive care has almost doubled.

What is more alarming is the age of the patients who have been admitted to hospital. Dr Rosser notes that the youngest patient in hospital is 20 years-old and the youngest in the intensive care unit is 24-years-old.

It's really important that young people understand that this is now filtering through into hospital admissions. It isn't just about low level illness among young people, this is serious for young people as well as for older people.

Dr Rosser, CEO University Hospitals Birmingham

He adds that it's extremely important to address the myth that young patients don't get ill from coronavirus.

The rise in cases have to be linked to a rise in cases in the community, Dr Rosser says.

Experts are now warning that cases could double each week, as research has shown that's the natural progression of the disease.

Could we be heading for another national lockdown?

Dr Rosser says something needs to be done to address the spike in cases.

Coronavirus has an incubation period of 7-10 days, with people normally becoming severely ill towards the end of that period.

He says some people might not be taking the rise in cases seriously because there hasn't been an increase in deaths, but waiting for people to die would be "way too late".

When asked if he thought we were heading for a second wave of coronavirus cases Dr Rosser responded: "we are in a second wave, the question is how big it gets. This is a second wave from what we're seeing in the hospitals."

When asked is he thought the NHS could cope he admitted that "staff are really struggling but they will do what they can."