Woman with rare condition appeals for help to find shoes that fit

A woman from Leicestershire, who was born with a rare genetic condition that means she struggles to find shoes that fit, is appealing for help from the public.

23-year-old Samantha Bradbury has Bloom Syndrome. People with the condition are usually smaller than 97 percent of the population in both height and weight from birth, and they rarely exceed 5 feet tall in adulthood.

Back in 1998, ITV News Central reported on toddler Samantha because, back then, her feet were so small her mum couldn't find any shoes to fit. More than 20 years later, Samantha is still having problems getting shoes.

ITV Central reported on Samantha's shoe search in 1998

Samantha is currently studying for a Technical Events B-Tech course and needs steel toecap shoes for the climbing and heavy equipment involved in the job. For the last six years she's been searching for a UK Size 1. The smallest she's been able to find is a UK size 2 or 3.

Previously Samantha was on a catering course in 2013 and needed boots for work in the kitchens - her tutor allowed her to wear Dr Marten boots but the style is not allowed in the events industry.

Samantha is now appealing for help from the public so that she can pursue her dream career.