How Covid has affected Freshers Week at Midlands universities

It's "Freshers' Week" for thousands of teenagers arriving at universities in the Midlands, but coronavirus is making it a very different introduction to student life. 

Gone are the parties at local nightclubs, to be replaced by outdoor gatherings in marquees with students having to keep to groups of no more than six. 

Freshers week at the University of Derby during the coronavirus pandemic. Credit: ITV News Central

A recent survey found 70% of students feel the "rule of six" will make it harder for them to make friends. 

Some worry that students cooped up in lockdown for months will find it difficult not to party. Universities though are reminding them of their responsibilities.

  • June Hughes, Registrar at the University of Derby

Student life looks different. But for an undergraduate beginning their time on campus, it's still as exciting as ever. 

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