Artist paints orangutan mural in Birmingham to warn against palm oil

An Environmentalist and Artist has painted an orangutan mural in Birmingham to highlight the 'devastating effects' palm oil is having on the species.

The mural is currently being painted in Birmingham. Credit: Street artist: Louis Masai

The mural is being painted by activist Louis Masai, at The Custard Factory in Digbeth between the 27th and 28th September.

It's part of a street art tour called #ProtectPongo ('Pongo' is Latin for orangutan) to remind people about how their actions influence the lives of other species around the world.

The street art shows orangutans interacting with the threats they face - from deforestation, to the potential risks of coronavirus.

The artist has teamed up with Meridian, a palm oil-free nut butter brand, to show how the demand for palm oil is leading to mass deforestation of their rainforests in Borneo, Indonesia, which they say could lead to extinction.

According to research commissioned by Meridian, 40% of people living in Birmingham and around the Midlands do not avoid palm oil whenever possible.

So far murals have been painted in Glasgow (September 23-24) and Manchester (September 25 - 26):

Glasglow. Credit: Street artist: Louis Masai.
Manchester. Credit: Street artist: Louis Masai.

The street art tour will go to London next between September 29th - 7th October.

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