The woman paying a scientist - to try to cure her fiancé's bowel cancer

A woman from Rearsby in Leicestershire is so determined to help her fiance overcome stage four bowel cancer that she's fundraising to help pay for pioneering research to find a cure. 

Lee Hancock has a gene mutation which means chemotherapy doesn't work. 

He and his partner, Cara De Faye, are working with a world renowned scientist from the University of Birmingham on a project that they hope could help thousands of people in a similar position to Lee. 

With a target of £110,000 to fund the research project, they have so far totalled £82,000 on their Just Giving page since they launched the campaign in May. 

The cancer started in his bowel three years ago and has now spread all around his body. 

In the last couple of years he has had 20 rounds of chemotherapy. 

But he and partner Cara now know it doesn't work because he has a gene mutation which makes his tumours resistant. 

Lee said: "Nobody has ever said to me 'you've got three months to live or five months to live or two months to live.' And I think that's very important because psychologically I think if you're given that time frame, you'll probably adhere to it and create your own destiny. So we do know it's critical, we're not denying that fact. 

“We're not naive enough to be thinking that I'm going to just ignore it and live forever. All I know is we keep fighting through and keep pushing on forward." 

And with such support from his fiancee, it's safe to say Lee is thankful for all she has done for him.

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