Watch as West Midlands Police crackdown on people flouting Covid guidelines

A video posted by West Midlands Police shows how officers in the region are stepping up their efforts to enforce coronavirus guidelines.

It's to help control the spread of the virus after four areas within the West Midlands - Birmingham, Solihull, Sandwell and Wolverhampton - are already under enhanced measures.

West Midlands Police say they're cracking down on the following:

  • Gatherings of more than six.

  • People who don't wear face coverings in shops.

  • Pubs, restaurants and takeaways, to make sure they shut at 10pm.

At the start of the video it shows the moment police were forced to intervene when a shopper "verbally abused staff" after refusing to wear a mask at a DIY store in Oldbury.

Officers can also be heard visiting two takeaway shops after they continued to serve diners past 10pm.

Wolverhampton Commander, Chief Superintendent Andy Beard said: “This is a critical period in the fight against Coronavirus and no-one wants the restrictions to carry on for longer than they have to, particularly in the areas with increased measures."

We are working with other organisations to look at larger scale breaches, such as unlicensed music events or wedding and funeral gatherings, and more recently we have seen breaches at student accommodation and premises following the reopening of universities and colleges.

Chief Superintendent Andy Beard, Wolverhampton Commander,

Officers will be patrolling transport hubs, shops, hospitality venues and open spaces to remind people of the rules and issue fines to those breaching them.