What can and can't you do in Nottingham right now?

Tougher COVID-19 restrictions could be placed on Nottingham. Credit: ITV News Central

Nottingham continues to have the highest coronavirus infection rate in England.

The city had 2,763 new cases recorded in the seven days to October 8 - the equivalent of 830.0 cases per 100,000 people. This is a huge jump from 314.5 per 100,000 in the seven days to October 1.

Nottingham City Council expects a local lockdown to be imposed on Monday, with councils in the area asking residents to not mix with people outside of their households or bubbles.

What the Law says

At the moment, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire finds itself in a similar situation to the majority of the country, with the Government yet to make an announcement on new restrictions in the area.

That means people there should still:

  • Maintain a two metre distance between you and others where possible.

  • Wear a mask in enclosed areas.

  • Wash hands regularly.

  • Not mix in groups larger than six (unless your household or support bubble is larger than six).


The Government is expected to announce tougher restrictions for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire today, and councils across the area have asked locals to act as if local restrictions are already in place to slow the spread of the virus:

  • Don't mix indoors with other households.

  • Refrain from going out this weekend to pubs and bars.

  • Only visit care homes in exceptional circumstances.

  • Students should remain in their social bubbles and not mix in their homes with people from other households.

With the city now with the highest rate of infection in the county, Nottingham City Council Leader, Cllr David Mellen, says the Government's delay in imposing new rules has caused concern and a put a burden on local resources.

He added:

"This deadly virus is now rife in our city and you are putting yourselves and others at risk unless you take this seriously and follow the strict guidance that’s in place.”

Most boroughs in Nottinghamshire have seen a rise, with cases in Newark and Sherwood up from 44 to 117 per 100,000 people.

All four areas above Nottingham in the list have local lockdown restrictions already in place.

The Director of Health for the City Council, Alison Challenger says the increase in cases is 'significant and worrying'.

She believes the government are likely to ask local leaders to put increased safety measures in place later this week.

The city and the borough of Newark and Sherwood is now experiencing a higher infection rate than Leicester.

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