Leicester: 100 days in lockdown

An shot of Leicester City Centre during it's local lockdown period
Leicester has now been in a local lockdown for 100 days Credit: PA Images

It's been 100 days since Leicester have been under local lockdown restrictions. Leicester was the first area in the country to be under these measures. Here is they moments within those 100 days, which began on 30 June.

30 June - Leicester goes into local lockdown

  • Non-essential shops were told to close once again.

  • Schools closed again apart from children of key workers.

  • Bars, restaurants and hairdressers that were due to re-open on July 4 with the rest of the country were told to remain closed.

  • People were told to only travel essential if essential.

  • People couldn't meet with other households, indoors or outdoors.

  • Vulnerable people were told to continue to shield.

16 July - Local lockdown extended in parts of Leicester

  • It was announced parts of Leicester would be released from local lockdown restrictions.

  • The new restrictions would still include the city of Leicester and Oadby and Wigston.

  • Restrictions would be lifted on schools and childcare.

24 July

  • Restrictions in Leicester eased with non-essential shops, schools and nurseries allowed to open.

  • Restrictions would remain on travel, social gatherings and bars, restaurants and hairdressers would stay closed.

30 July - Lockdown restrictions lifted

  • It was announced that bars, cafes, restaurants and hairdressers could re-open.

  • Religious ceremonies could now take place.

  • All local restrictions in Oadby and Wigston were removed.

  • Social gathering restrictions would remain in Leicester City.

  • Leisure centres, gyms and pools in Leicester would stay closed. 

  • Restrictions were lifted on 3 August.

The people of Leicester have faced more than 150 days of tough Covid restrictions. Credit: PA Images

14 August

  • People in Leicester were told that restrictions wouldn't be lifted.

  • Different households still couldn't mix.

  • Casinos, bowling alleys and conference halls remained closed.

19 August - Beauty services can reopen

  • Nail bars, outdoor pools, beauty salons, tattoo parlours and body piercing services salons can reopen in Leicester.

  • People are still banned from visiting someone else’s home or garden even if they live outside of the affected area.

8 September - some indoor leisure facilities can reopen

  • Indoor gyms and swimming pools were able to re-open.

  • A ban on meeting other households in homes and gardens still apply. 

  • Casino's and indoor play areas remain closed.

15 September - More businesses reopen

  • Casinos, skating rinks, bowling alleys, exhibition halls, conference centres and indoor play areas can reopen in Leicester.

  • A ban on meeting other households in homes and gardens still apply. 

People in Leicester are still unable to mix with other households either at their home or in their garden, unless they are part of a support bubble.