Newborn daughter of killed footballer described as a 'little miracle'

Jordan's fiancee found out she was pregnant a week after his funeral. Credit: ITV News

The daughter of Jordan Sinnott has been described as 'a true miracle'.

Jordan, a footballer for Matlock Town, was killed on a night out in Retford in Nottinghamshire in January. In July two men were convicted of manslaughter.

His fiancee, Kelly, discovered she was pregnant just a week after Jordan's funeral.

I did a test and it came back positive. I was in complete shock so I booked in for a scan thinking it was some sort of mistake and she was there, in my belly, wriggling around!

Kelly Bossons

Jordan's mother, Mel Tait, had a wish when sitting next to Jordan's hospital bed.

"Maisie's a little true miracle.

"I remember saying to Jordan in the hospital, 'If I could just have a wish I just wish that you'd be a daddy', because he would have been the most amazing daddy."

Jordan has also ensured others live on.

He's already helped save numerous lives by donating his skin and organs, including his heart.

His death sparked the football community to come together, donating football shirts to raise funds for Sport Relief.They were on display at his funeral and all recorded in a book the family hope will be published to raise money for the Jordan Sinnott Foundation which aims to include supporting those who are homeless/rough sleeping and helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds access sport.