Tamworth comedian turned counsellor uses humour to raise mental health awareness

Sheila started out as a comedian and then trained in counselling after struggling with her own mental health Credit: Sheila McMahon

A woman from Tamworth who works as a comedian and counsellor is taking her mental health show to the virtual stage tonight due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Sheila McMahon who is open about her own mental health struggles was due to be performing at the Lichfield Garrick but with the theatre closed decided it should go ahead virtually on World Mental Health Day.

After everything that has happened this year, I thought this show on anxiety has got to go ahead. To be a recoverer of mental health problems to go on to help other people, it's a privilege.

Sheila McMahon, Comedian and counsellor

Sheila says her show which focuses on anxiety is funny but she'll also be demonstrating coping mechanisms such as breathing techniques and mindfulness. She'll also be encouraging the audience to join her in a 'good sing-song.'

 She will also share her thoughts about new anxieties related to the current pandemic with jokes in there too to lighten the mood.

Sheila will be aiming to make the audience smile with jokes about the new normal Credit: sheila mcmahon

"I started out as a comedian and then my mental health started to fail. I had panic attacks and I just couldn't function. I ended up being the client in counselling and it was life-changing."

I decided to train as counsellor myself and as I went through the training my comedy shows evolved into mental health shows. It's overwhelming because I talk so openly about depression and people welcome me normalising something that many of them have never spoken about before.

Sheila will be supporting the arts by giving ten percent of her profits to charity to support the venue where she'd originally planned to do the show.

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