'Sox' the cat given back to wrong owner by cattery and is now missing

Sox is now missing after being given back to the wrong owner Credit: BPM Media

A cat owner has been left ‘distraught’ after one of her belovedcats was given to the wrong person by cattery staff.

Dorothy Venn returned from holiday to find one of her two cats, Sox had been given to another owner. The mix up hadn't been noticed and Sox had been released into a garden and has gone missing.

Now, a plea has been made for people in Calton and Waterhouses andthe surrounding villages in Staffordshire, to look out for the missing cat.

Sox had been living with Dorothy in Leek since 2014 when he was adopted from an animal welfare charity.

After Sox was given to someone else he was taken to Calton where he was let out, but obviously the person had not checked it was their cat. "I have been to Calton nearly every day for the last three weeks looking for him. I have also put posters up in the area. Hopefully someone will see him and contact me.

Dorothy Venn, owner of Sox

Cheadle Animal Welfare Society is now helping Dorothy try to find Sox.