Virus and Me: "Coronavirus has changed the way I think about things"

Sally Perrin spent 26 days in intensive care back in March.

A woman from Shrewsbury who spent 26 days in intensive care with coronavirus says it's made her rethink the way she lives.

Back in March Sally Perrin's family were told that she might not survive.

Her husband Dave says being told by doctors that Sally might not come home was a terrifying experience.

Sally recalls how when she first became ill she thought she had the flu, but soon realised that was not the case.

She was taken to hospital and was rushed to the intensive care unit.

She remembers when she began to feel better and says it was strange to see how the world around her had change while she'd been in a critical state.

And she has changed too. Speaking about the side effects of coronavirus Sally tells us she's lost some of her hair, her taste has changed and her lungs don't feel like they function normally.

But despite all that Sally says she's "living for the day" and feels "very lucky to get a second chance".

Her husband Dave has now given up work so that the couple can spend more time together, appreciate the simple things in life and not take anything for granted.

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