What are the restrictions in different areas of the Midlands?

At the moment nowhere in the Midlands is in the highest level of Tier 3. Credit: ITV News Central

The national three-tier system for local restrictions means that each area of the country will be placed under 'medium', 'high' or 'very high' alert levels with different restrictions on everyday life accordingly.

Tier One (Medium)

As a base line, under the first tier - medium - these restrictions will be in place across all areas of England which are not under tougher local restrictions.

These measures include the "rule of six" - a ban on most gatherings of more than six people and a 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants.

Tier Two (High)

Under tier two - high - restrictions are the same as tier one, but with the added ban on indoor mixing of households or support bubbles.

There is advice for people to minimise their journeys if they live in an area of 'high' alert.

The PM said the 'high' alert level primarily aims to reduce household to household transmission, by preventing all mixing between different households or support bubbles indoors.

Tier Three (Very High)

Under tier three - very high - measures include the closure of pubs and bars, betting shops, casinos, and gyms.

However, restaurants and pubs serving food will be allowed to open, so long as customers remain seated and different households cannot meet up and mix.

Cross-household socialising will be banned in all settings, including private gardens, except outdoor public places such as parks, where the rule of six will apply.

Over the coming months areas in the Midlands are likely to have different restrictions depending on what tier they're placed in. Credit: PA

Where are the extra restrictions in the Midlands?

Tier 3

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire will go into Tier 3 restrictions from Friday October 30. This is the first part of the Midlands to join the highest level of Coronavirus restrictions.

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are to enter Tier 3

As well as the main Tier 3 restrictions, Council Leaders have agreed certain additional local restrictions

It has also been announced that Birmingham and other parts of the West Midlands are expected to go into Tier 3 as soon as support packages for residents and businesses are arranged.

East Midlands areas in Tier 2

West Midlands areas in Tier 2

  • What if I was shielding?

The government has released additional advice for vulnerable people who were shielding during lockdown.

It says that groups will be asked to shield if their area is placed in the "very high risk" category.

The government says it will work with local leaders to give advice on shielding when necessary.

  • How do I know what tier my area is in?

The government have released a postcode checker for people to be able to check what tier their area falls into and what restrictions are in place.

You can also check coronavirus cases in your area using ITV's interactive map.

  • Sameena Ali-Khan answers some of your questions

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