ITV News Central satellite viewers can watch in HD from October 20

Credit: ITV News Central (Library pictures)

Good news for ITV News Central satellite viewers

Over the last few years, the television industry has been moving to high definition (HD) broadcasting and we are pleased to say that from Tuesday October 20th HD it will become the standard for ITV News Central on satellite. 

It means our two separate ITV News Central news programmes - for the East and West Midlands - will be broadcast to the correct part of the region on ITV HD on Sky and Freesat in the best possible quality.

Similar changes in other ITV regions will mean that the ITV network will be offering the strongest HD line up of any UK broadcaster, a public service first we are really proud of.  

So, what does it mean for our viewers? 

If you watch us on Freeview there is no change whatsoever.

Freesat is switching ITV HD to channel 103. 

From October 20th you will receive the correct ITV News Central programme for your area on ITV HD on the following channels:

  • Sky  - 103

  • Freesat - 103

As an HD Sky or Freesat viewer, most will not need to do anything. You will automatically be able to see the ITV News Central programme for the area you live by making sure you watch channel 103. If you do not see the correct region the advice is to re-tune your box or receiver.

The vast majority of satellite viewers are HD-ready, but there may be a few with older standard definition (SD) only boxes. 

If you do fall into that category you may want to think about upgrading to HD and your TV provider – Sky or Freesat - should be able to help. And upgrading will allow you to enjoy high definition channels, not just from ITV, but other providers too. You may need to replace your old box, but you will not need to pay an ongoing subscription to continue watching ITV and the other free-to-air public service broadcasters.  

For more help and advice, you can always email ITV Viewer Services at