Virus and Me: the Leicester GP supporting the Somali community during the pandemic

Leicester GP, Dr Samira Hassan Credit: ITV News Central

Leicester GP, Dr Samira Hassan has found herself having to adapt to treat her usual patients from home and be a source of information for the Somali community.

But amongst all the work, she also found that the pandemic has given her an opportunity to reset her life.

She said she lived in fear because she has elderly parents and a lot of people in her household are at risk.

This made her really worried that she might be carrying the virus to them, it wasn't a worry about her health, but about carrying the virus to them.

Being the only Somali GP in Leicester, it meant that she was constantly asked questions from all corners of the community because they found it difficult to interpret the constantly changing guidance from news and from government.

To combat this Samira found herself doing a lot of facebook lives and social media workshops to talk about the concerns in coronavirus.

Hannah Bechelet reports on the latest in our Virus and Me series.

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