Virus and Me: Mum says riding accident helped prepare her for lockdown

Claire Lomas Credit: ITV News Central

Claire Lomas says that while coronavirus meant a complete change in routine for her whole family, she found positives in spending more time together.

She says there is a lot that has come from the time they have spent together in lockdown, and in many ways her riding accident in 2007 helped prepare her for it.

One day your running round active, all your goals and dreams, and everything set high for the future.

My sport and my career suddenly stopped and it felt like lockdown for me, but just me, and it wouldn't get better because I was left paralysed.

It wasn't going to improve so yeah everything stopped for me so this is actually better than that was so it's made me deal with it better than I would've done.

Claire Lomas

The fundraiser, motivational speaker and mum has a message for any of us facing adversity. Hannah Bechelet the final report of our series - Virus and Me.

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