Calls for more people to follow Covid restrictions from those shielding

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A 22-year-old from Leicestershire is urging people to stick to the lockdown rules so the vulnerable can safely come out of shielding.

Declan Spencer has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and has been isolating with his mum. His condition means contracting any illness could be fatal.

Having to isolate due to the seriousness of his illness means the pandemic has taken his freedom away.

Declan said: "Like going to a local hospice - an over 18's group, that was something that I really enjoyed, being able to talk to people with my condition - it was good having people who were in the same boat.

"It is really hard, because with my condition - it is a life-limiting condition, so I want to enjoy my life as much as I can, and not being able to do that has got me down quite a bit."

Credit: ITV News Central

Despite the difficulties faced, Declan is positive about many things. He says he's enjoyed being able to spend more time with his mum.

Mum, Alex said: 'He doesn't see how amazingly well he copes with all of this, things that are thrown at him, and yet he's one of the most cheeriest people I've ever met - and he makes it easier to be his mum because of how he is."

But now Declan's urging people who're contemplating breaking restrictions - to take a minute to think.

A year out of someone's life who's healthy, isn't that a big a portion of their life - but for me, a year is a really big bit of it. I just really want people to stick to the rules to give people like me another year to live.

Declan Spencer

Declan says if sharing his story makes even one person think twice about breaking restrictions - then it's worth something.

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