The man making 5,000 disability ID badges a day for those unable to wear masks

A man from Quorn in Leicestershire has created an ID badge to let others know if they're exempt from wearing a face mask in public.

The invention aims to help prevent people with disabilities or medical conditions that make it impossible to wear one from being fined.  

If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a mask you don't need to have an exemption card, its not the law, its just personal choice. 

Duncan Edwards realised that something would be needed to let people know if you were exempt from wearing one. His son Joe has Dravet Syndrome which causes breathing difficulties so he can't wear a mask.

When face coverings became mandatory in shops and public transport, Duncan created a bright red lanyard with ‘Mask Exempt’ on it and a credit card-sized ID badge explaining why.  Both can be read at a safe distance.

"Some people feel that people who can't wear a mask should stay at home but for disabled people that's harking back to the days where people would be expected to stay at home because they're disabled. Everyone has the right to get out as much as they can."

Duncan Edwards

The first day he advertised them he sold a hundred, now over 5,000 a day are being created in response to demand. 

Members of parliament  say many constituents who are exempt have contacted them about abuse they've received in public and are calling on the disabilities minister to support a public awareness campaign about hidden disabilities and mask exemptions.

Watch Jane Hesketh's report above.