Alison Mackenzie: where are we now in the Covid fight?

  • From Political Correspondent Alison Mackenzie

We have heard the phrase ‘we are at a key tipping point ‘ many times in this pandemic - it certainly may prove to be the case this week.

As I write there is talk of how in addition to Nottingham , Broxtowe, Rushcliffe and Gedling entering Tier 3 - there are talks between local leaders and the government about possibly extending the ruling to the remaining boroughs in Nottinghamshire.

We know that Derby will soon become the latest to enter Tier2 - joining vast swathes of urban area in the West Midlands.

So has the Boris Johnson ‘Tiered approach to restrictions been the right choice?   

It was clearly picked as a way to strike a balance between controlling the virus and keeping the economy moving .

Apparently there is now ‘behind the scenes ‘ pressure from England’s top scientists to reconsider a broader national approach.

We know that hospital trusts across the midlands are reporting ever growing levels of admissions which in turn require tighter restrictions outside.

The  ‘short sharp shock’  circuit breaker option has been rejected - could the alternative result in a ‘slow creep’ towards a widespread tier 3 for all instead?   

Christmas is eight weeks away.

Boris Johnson will be doing his level best to ensure that he does not go down in history as the Prime Minister who cancelled Christmas.