Mother warns people about dangers of home fireworks after son is injured

Credit: PA.

One family from Birmingham whose son was injured in a home display is warning others about the dangers of lighting fireworks at home.

Each year around a thousand firework-related injuries happen around the country, but experts expect there to be more this year as organised displays for Diwali and Bonfire Night are cancelled due to the pandemic.

11-year-old Aryan Malik spent months in hospital with severe burns after he was hit by a firework when attending an at-home celebration.

Aryan suffered burns on his neck, face, ear and hands.

Aryan spent months in hospital because of accident, experiencing burns to his neck, face, ear and hands.

His mother Quartul Malik says it has had a huge impact on his studies and social life as he had to miss out on school because of the injury.

West Midlands Fire Service say they are concerned about the lack of public displays this year as it could result in a higher number of incidents.

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