Care home 'plastic pod' means visitors can see relatives during lockdown

Report by Daniel Skipp

A care home in Kidderminster has come up with an innovative way for visitors to see its residents in a safe way: a plastic visiting pod.

The government announced new guidance for care homes yesterday (5 Nov), in a bid to give families that precious time together, whilst trying to protect the spread of the virus.  

The new rules mean:

  • Residents limited to a maximum of two regular visitors.

  • Meetings should be booked in advance. 

  • PPE should be worn.

  • Meetings through a window where possible. 

But during the winter months - that will be hard for many families. 

So that's why Northwood Care Home teamed up with a local business to build the pod.

The home says they have spoken with their local MP Mark Garnier, who has told them he will speak to health secretary Matt Hancock about the idea. 

So far 100 of them are being used up and down the country in the private sector.

But as the pandemic lasts longer - it could be an option for the public sector too.