'Don't hate me in my hoodie': doctor who went viral on TikTok on being treated with respect - whatever he's wearing

29-year-old A&E doctor, Emeka Okorocha, went viral on TikTok after posting a video, pointing out how differently he's treated - depending on what he wears.

As a doctor, he takes pride in his appearance, often wearing a waistcoat and bow tie, saying "if I'm looking good, then I'm feeling good."

But Dr Emeka describes an incident one night when he was returning home from a late shift one night, choosing to wear a hoodie.

He was stopped by a police officer, who he believes, thought he was trouble.

He says it was only when the officer saw a doctor's lanyard showing through his open hoodie, that he changed tack, telling him to "just be careful around here, cos it can get a bit rough."

This contrast in people's reaction to him inspired him to make the Tiktok video.

"Loads of people celebrate me and they clap, they're happy, cos I'm a smiling doctor in my scrubs.

But then, if they were to see me just in a hoodie - I'm the same dude, the exact same guy!

But because I'm dressed a different way, I'm treated completely differently.

And I feel like it's because I'm black.

Don't hate me in my hoodie!

He believes this kind of inequality and racism needs exposing, before we can move forward to solve it.

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