The Wolverhampton brothers taking TikTok by storm

Diwali celebrations will not be the same this year with major events cancelled and large gatherings banned.

However, two brothers have taken their Bhangra dance performances to public spaces in Wolverhampton.

Rana and San would normally be out performing at bookings, weddings and festivals. But despite the pandemic, they've still been bringing smiles to peoples faces by dancing on their Tik Tok channel.

Credit: ITV News Central

Rana said: "We thought we can go into public spaces and parks so we got together as a team and everybody shared these ideas. Let's make it a bit more fun - let's get together, let's have a concept and film in random locations."

They launched their channel in March and since then it's been a huge success.

Their Halloween performance in a subway even caught the attention of Tipton based international music producer DJ Frenzy.

Credit: ITV News Central

DJ Frenzy said: "I think it's brilliant how they've adapted from going from live shows to utilizing social media to build their following and it's great that they're entertaining people in this way"

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