Community spirit: How people in Lowdham have been pulling together during lockdown

Lizzie Jayne started the 'Salt & Light' campaign at the start of lockdown to help support people struggling from the effects of the pandemic. 

Now, she's started a Christmas appeal to give local people hope over the winter months. She's collected everything from food to toiletries and says this work - is only just the beginning. 

But Lizzie says all would not be possible without the support of local people. “This wonderful village of Lowdham, they were hit badly by the floods in February but they just keep giving and giving."

It’s okay for one person to start an initiative but without that support from the community, none of this would happen.

Lizzie Jayne

Lizzie has used a number of ventures to drum up donations and says offers of help began to pour in early on. 

By supporting people first hand, Lizzie has seen the effects of the lockdown. She said: “The isolation and being away from loved ones, everyone has been affected in some way.

"The people of Lowdham keep giving and giving" says Lizzie Jayne who launched 'Salt & Light' at the start of the pandemic. Credit: Lizzie Jayne

"If we can just bring that hope, we can bring the community together to support each other whether it’s the vulnerable or just a neighbour - that can only be a good thing.”

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