Banksy bike feared stolen is replaced by kind-hearted local

Video footage from Ashley Kirk.

A replacement bicycle forming part of a Banksy mural in Nottinghamshire has appeared just days after the original disappeared.

The creation, showing a girl hula hooping with a missing tyre of a nearby bicycle, was painted on a wall in Rothesay Avenue, Lenton, in October.

But the bicycle went missing from the scene on Sunday, November 22.

Kyle Myatt, the man who replaced the missing bike, says he did it to make the artwork complete again.

He said: "I had seen the bike was missing and I was gutted.

"Banksy has done so much for Nottingham, he's put us on the map and given everyone such a boost.

"I just wanted to do it to make it look better. So I bought the bike, took off the back wheel to match the missing bike and replaced it.

"I just wanted to make people happier. So many people come to take a picture with it, I hope people can take pictures with this new bike as a replacement."

Mr Myatt says he has chained it down to try and make sure others don't steal it again.

Banksy claimed credit for the work via Instagram, sparking a stream of visitors, with the council fitting a protective transparent covering over the mural.

Local culture group The Nottingham Project, say the bike has been removed for safe-keeping.

A replacement one has been put in place while they and the City Council consider artwork protection plans for the original bike.

Who is Banksy?

Banksy is an anonymous street artist who has been active since the 1990s, his work is typically satirical and very much politically-focused.

He first came to fame in Bristol's underground scene.

While it may share the same stencilled-style, there have been manyimitations in the past.

Banksy also typically posts his new works on his Instagram page.

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