Peter Shilton shares his memories from Diego Maradona's 1986 World Cup goal

Peter Shilton, the England goalkeeper beaten by Maradona’s "Hand of God" goal in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final, shared his memories of that game.

The former Derby County and Nottingham Forest goalkeeper also paid tribute to Diego Maradona and his impressive skills on the pitch as the footballing world mourns one of the greatest players ever.

Reminiscing of the "painful goal", Mr Shilton told ITV News: "Well we knew he was one of the greatest players in the world, so we had to keep him quiet, which we did, in the first half he didn't really do much at all."

"But the game changed completely seven minutes into the second half when I think most people have seen it now, the incident where he raced to the ball, it was one of our players Stevie Hodge, who hooked the ball back towards the goal."

"And I came, I was just getting above him and he's admitted that, he says he knew I was just going to knock the ball away and of course you know he's just knocked it with his hand, he flicked it with his head at the same time - he made it look like he headed it but it was definitely a handball and he ran off and celebrated it."

Mr Shilton added: "I think he kept looking around like England are going to get a free kick here but unfortunately the linesman and the referees didn't see it and we were cheated out of the first goal."

He continued: "Take nothing away from Maradona because he was the greatest player I ever played against, he's got a fantastic ability and obviously the world of football are mourning him."

"But you know, our challenges and concentrations were not as good as it should've been. We always said someone must stop him running with the ball and of course we know what happened.

"And on a very bumpy pitch, his control and ability to dribble the ball which was fantastic enabled him to score as a lot of people say one of the, if not the greatest World Cup goal," he added.