Birmingham Hippodrome extends Van Gogh exhibition to January if city returns to Tier 2

People wearing masks at Birmingham Hippodrome Van Gogh Alive exhibition, taken Oct 8.
Visitors wearing masks at Van Gogh Alive exhibition in October 2020 Credit: Simon Hadley Photos & Birmingham Hippodrome

Organisers of the UK premiere of "Van Gogh Alive" at the Birmingham Hippodrome have extended the exhibition to 31 January next year.

Around 30,000 had already attended in the few weeks before the UK returned to a second national lockdown at the start of November.

Fiona Allan, Artistic Director and Chief Executive at Birmingham Hippodrome, says she is "disappointed" they cannot re-open just yet because the city remains in Tier 3 - the highest level of restrictions.

Tier 3 restrictions mean that galleries, museums and theatres must remain closed. Birmingham's COVID-19 rate is currently one of the highest in the Midlands.

The exhibit utilises immersive gallery technology which allows for crystal-clear projection of over 3000 images. Creators have fused music and technology in order to allow visitors to have what they describe as a "multi-sensory" experience.

Visitors to the exhibition are expected to observe social distancing measures Credit: Simon Hadley Photos

To create the space, the theatre has extended its main stage by 750 square metres into the auditorium. It is hoped as a result, visitors feel as if they are walking through the Dutch artist's paintings.

Attendees can experience some of Van Gogh's most famous paintings in a unique way Credit: Simon Hadley Photos