How the RSPCA's first female Asian officer overcame cultural barriers and stereotypes to realise her dream

The RSPCA's first Asian female Officer had to overcome cultural barriers and racial stereotypes to realise her dreams.

From a young age, Herchy Boal, from Leicester, loved animals and always wanted to work with them.

As a first generation Asian family in Britain, her upbringing was always a fusion of two cultures.

But she told Sameena Ali-Khan it was difficult to pursue a career working with animals when the predominant career aspirations within the Asian community when she was younger were to be a doctor, a nurse, a dentist or a solicitor.

Herchy believes her family may have a been a bit embarrassed when she began training to work in animal welfare. Though she understands the pressures her family were facing at the time, and says her family are very proud of her achievements from 20 years of work.

During her career Herchy's also had to face a number of challenges because of the colour of her skin.

Herchy says her view of Britain is that it's a place where you are empowered to follow your dreams - but that it marries together well with her Asian roots too.

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