10 moments we smiled in 2020

The have still been things to smile about in 2020, despite the global health emergency. Credit: ITV News Central

There’s still been some good news in 2020, as people went out of their way to help each other, or tried their best to raise a smile.

1. The drawing which made one woman’s day

A child's drawing made one woman's day Credit: ITV News Central

Dale Povey was isolating at home during the pandemic and relying on government food parcels. At the bottom of one of those boxes, she discovered a child’s drawing,

“It was so lovely and it was such a happy picture and I thought ‘people are so kind out there’.”

We introduced Dale to Elyse, who drew the picture, so she could say thank you in person.

2. A rainbow cake for the NHS

A baker who was forced to close her cake business because of the pandemic used her leftover ingredients to cheer up NHS staff.

You can't help but smile when you look at it!

The rainbow cake went to the NHS to say thank you for their work during the pandemic Credit: Carol Smith

3. Dancing bin men

During the pandemic we all realised how much we rely on our key workers.

Some bin men from Wolverhampton went above and beyond, recording dances on their rounds - and they even had their eye on Christmas No.1.

4. Rapping kids with a Coronvirus message

Most people found a whole day of homeschooling was just too much. One family used their time to record this music video - documenting their experiences of the pandemic.

5. World record breaking wotsit

Workers at the Walkers factory in Leicester became world record holders for creating a 10-metre-long wotsit.

6. Wife moves into husband’s care home because they can’t bear to be apart

Betty Meredith wasn’t able to visit her husband Ken after he moved into a care home during the pandemic.

She decided the best thing to do was to move into Bourn View Care Home in Birmingham herself - and their reunion was captured on camera.

We asked the couple what the secret was to their long lasting marriage

7. Boris Johnson asked about his Spitting Image puppet

ITV Central asked the Prime Minister what he thought of his puppet - in the new series of Spitting Image.

He said he thought the puppet was ‘rather too flattering’

8. Banksy brightens up Nottingham

Nottingham was the first area in the Midlands to go into Tier 3 in the first round of Coronavirus tiered restrictions.

Street artist Banksy confirmed an artwork in Lenton was his, giving people something to smile about.

9. Toddler learns ITV News theme tune

21-month-old Arlo Ashby from Nuneaton learned to sing and dance in time to the ITV News theme music!

His dad said,

"It has kept us and our family and friends entertained and we are glad it’s making other people smile too."

10. Des does the weather on Good Morning Britain

And Des made us smile when we lent him to GMB to do the weather throughout the breakfast show - and he met Piers Morgan for the first time.

Piers wasn’t best impressed when the live signal cut out on the forecast, and the shot returned to him while he was still having his make-up done!

But we think Des charmed him by the end of the morning.