Pulmonary fibrosis sufferers struggling to get face-to-face treatment because of coronavirus pandemic

Report by Dani Crawshaw

Pulmonary fibrosis is a serious lung condition which is incurable. An estimated 70,000 people are affected by the disease in the UK. Yvonne Smith, from Nuneaton, is one of them.

Yvonne says her diagnosis last June was a shock to her, and her family. She says the life expectancy of 3-5 years 'changes the way you look at life.'

To make matters worse, Yvonne also contracted COVID-19 earlier this year. After weeks of recovering, luckily her lungs weren't damaged any further. But the pandemic has meant that she's missed out on treatment and face-to-face support. It has left her feeling as if 'she is on her own in a little bubble' and if you need help 'you're the one who needs to reach out for it.'

A report from the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust says a third of their patients have had their treatment programmes halted. This is despite the expected rise in respiratory complications as a result of the virus.

Yvonne hopes to raise awareness by speaking out about the disease. Also now, with the promise of a vaccine, she hopes that she'll be able to get the right treatment soon.