Vaccinations begin at Burton Albion's Pirelli stadium, as Midlanders worry about Christmas

Report by Callum Watkinson

COVID-19 vaccinations have begun at the Pirelli Stadium today. The home of Burton Albion FC has already been used as a testing facility but will now be used as a vaccination centre.

Initially the Pfizer vaccine, which is delivered in two doses, will be targeted at the most vulnerable and the elderly. For Doctors organising the rollout, it's been a long road to today.

'The most challenging couple of weeks,' says Sarah Laing from the East Staffordshire Primary Care Network. 'So if that gives you a sense, it's been a lot of work, we've been working 14/16 hour days.'

Burton Albion Community Trust staff and volunteers will also be supporting the NHS in delivering the programme.

The vaccine rollout at Burton is part of a wider programme in East Staffordshire and begins at the Pirelli. Credit: ITV News Central

Dr David Atherton, the Clinical Director of Staffordshire Primary Care Network has confirmed that the Covid vaccination programme for East Staffordshire will start in the Vera Goode Suite at the Pirelli Stadium.

Burton's vaccination programmes comes as Primary Care Networks across our region began vaccinations from GPs this week. It is being seen as an important first step on the road back to normality in the region.

In other news today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled a new set of guidance surrounding coronavirus at Christmas. But, the laws allowing three households to mix for five days will not change.

He said that people should have a "merry little Christmas - and I do mean little".

But anxiety is growing across our region as to how people will be celebrating over the holiday period.

For Sally and Mick Pickering in Nottingham, they don't see Christmas as a reason to risk anyone else - after they both battled with COVID-19.

Mick battled with COVID-19 earlier this year and will take it easy at Christmas. They're having a bigger Easter get-together instead. Credit: ITV News Central

On the streets of Burton, where the vaccine began rolling out, there are mixed feelings about Christmas this year. Particularly about how people will be spending their time with family:

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