As Stratford remains in Tier 3, businesses in the historic town worry for their future

Report by Raheem Rashid.

Stratford-upon-Avon's Tier 3 restrictions have been a cause of great concern for local people, politicians and businesses.

The District Council even mounted a legal challenge against the government about these restrictions.

Although COVID-19 rates have recently risen in the town, they still remain a lot lower than neighbouring Tier 2 Worcestershire with significantly higher rates.

And now, following the Tier reviews by Matt Hancock which meant Stratford will remain in Tier 3, businesses are left concerned for their future. And not only that, concerned as to why they have been included in the whole of Warwickshire for Tier decisions.

Stratford's economy is heavily reliant on hospitality, tourism and arts industries. All three have been decimated by the pandemic and lockdowns. Normally around 6 million people flock to the town every year from around the world and this year, numbers have fallen dramatically.

The world famous Royal Shakespeare Company is already making redundancies as they haven't opened since the first lockdown in March.