10 amazing animals we met in 2020

10 animal stories which stood out in 2020 Credit: ITV News Central

1. Fox and dog make friends

A fox cub became best friends with a dog when a vet released it into the garden, after it had recovered from an injury.

Now it keeps coming back, and enjoying playtime with Olive the dog!

2. Thousands raised for severely burnt kitten

People were so moved by the plight of this kitten, they raised thousands of pounds to help.

He was found nearly dead, with the skin on his paws and face 'burnt off'. Veterinary staff thought he wouldn't make it, but he fought through, and can now have an expensive operation - thanks to the money raised.

3. Robin eats from 13-year-old’s hand

Tamsin from Staffordshire made a new friend in lockdown!

4. The dog who’s a homeless man’s best friend

A homeless man from the West Midlands was "totally distraught" after his dog was taken from him by a stranger, while he was being cared for by ambulance staff.

Alan described Trixy, saying “She's the only thing I've got. The love of my life."

He made an emotional appeal on ITV Central, and the story had a happy ending.

5. Police dog back in action after being attacked with a machete

A police dog made it back to work just three weeks after he narrowly avoided being blinded in a horrific machete attack.

Police dog Stark was struck up to 20 times with a rusty blade, suffering nasty injuries to his face, in the attack in Handsworth.

Police dog Stark made a quick recovery from his injuries Credit: West Midlands Police

6. Guide dogs change the lives of a blind couple

Mark and Claire Gaffey from Stoke-on-Trent were the first people in the country to be paired with guide dog puppies after the first lockdown. They told us,

"It's like having a treasure chest of opportunity because you open the treasure chest and it's the opportunity to do things you never thought you would do."

- Claire Gaffey

7. Dog gives birth to 16 puppies

It was the largest litter ever delivered at Birmingham Dogs' Home.

8. Rescue dogs help former soldiers in recovery

Former soldiers in Leicestershire have been helped with some of their mental health problems by spending time with rescue dogs.

Six ex-servicemen worked with Newfoundland 'water' dogs as part of a unique NHS supported exercise to help them deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

9. Joyful reunion between dog and owner

This was the moment a dog was reunited with his owner after falling overboard.

Two young lads from Stratford spotted Toobs in a cave, while they were out kayaking.

10. Kitten survives being stuck down drain pipe

A six-week-old kitten survived falling down a six-foot pipe.

She and a sibling were spotted by a passer by. The first was quickly rescued, but the second wasn't making any sounds or moving.

But she was eventually safely fished out, brought back round by veterinary staff, and named Piper!

The six week old survived a fall down a pipe Credit: RSPCA