Leicestershire Police hand out £74,000 in fines for Covid breaches over New Year

Some people refused to follow the rules and Leicestershire police handed out 75 fines. Credit: PA

Leicestershire Police issued 75 fixed penalty notices over the New Year period with a value adding up to almost £74,000.


Fines issued over New Year

Between 7am on New Year’s Eve and 7am today police received 191 reports of Covid breaches.


Covid breaches in Leicestershire

Six of these fines were £10,000 fines for holding a gathering for more than 30 people.

  • Five people were issued with £10,000 fines for holding a party for over 30 people in Vaughan Way, Leicester

  • One person was issued with a £10,000 fine for holding a party for over 30 people in Granby Street, Leicester.

  • 57 fines were issued under Tier 4 for participating in a gathering of two or more people in a private dwelling/indoors.

Assistant Chief Constable Kerry Smith said: “We are very pleased that the majority of people followed the rules and are part of the efforts to keep us all safe. However despite the warnings there were still people who thought it was okay to ignore all of the rules and government guidance risking the lives of all around them."

In Nottingham, police say 100 people turned up to a party in the Radford area which had been pre-arranged on social media with tickets sold for £10.

The organiser was given a £10,000 fine.28 tickets were handed out by police who spotted a party in an apartment, and elsewhere a police officer was assaulted.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson, from West Midlands Police, wrote on Twitter that it was "worth remembering the majority have done the right thing", although he too did see "some shocking COVID breaches with very large house parties" during his time out on patrol.

In Northamptonshire police attended 100 reports of Covid legislation breaches.

That included an unlicensed music event attended by around 50 people in Cranford, near Kettering. Police handed out fixed penalty notices and say when they find the organisers, they will be fined £10,000.

East Midlands Ambulance Service thanked everyone who stayed at home.

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City centres in the Midlands normally packed on December 31st with people celebrating the New Year were eerily quiet last night - as the vast majority of people followed the rules and stayed at home.

Birmingham's Broad Street was deserted, apart from traffic cones and fencing surrounding the city's tram extension.

Broad Street's bars were deserted last night. Credit: SnapperSK

In Nottingham, Old Market Square's shadows were lit up by its Christmas tree.

Old Market Square was deserted apart from its Christmas Tree and a couple of police officers. Credit: Ashley Kirk

Following a slight easing of restrictions on Christmas Day, people were told to stay at home on New Year's Eve after the majority of the Midlands entered the highest level of Coronavirus restrictions.

Health officials had warned people that 'Covid loves a crowd.'

In Birmingham, a laser beam in the colours of the rainbow lit up the sky above the city.

The rainbow has become a symbol for the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic and the lights could be seen for miles around.

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And the skies in Derbyshire were lit up with fireworks, thought to have been launched from people's private gardens after any public displays were cancelled.

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Many will have gratefully toasted in the new year, with hopes for a brighter 2021, after an unprecedented 2020.

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