Deserted streets across cities in the Midlands

Empty roads Birmingham
Credit: Snapper SK

Some of Birmingham's busiest routes were left empty of traffic as the latest national lockdown took hold following rising Covid-19 cases.

Usually lined with traffic, roads seemed deserted with large scale takeaway chains noticeably quieter than usual.

Footage shows some streets empty of motorists as last night, people were again urged to work from home and will only be allowed to leave their house for limited reasons.

It's in stark contrast to how city centres in the Midlands would normally look around this time of year.

On December 31st, 2020, Birmingham's Broad Street was desolate, apart from traffic cones and fencing surrounding the city's tram extension. 

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Meanwhile, a view of Nottingham and Derby's streets shows an equally quiet scene. Instead of the New Year sales rush, there was only a handful of people on the streets.

However, with outdoor playgrounds remaining open, it's come as welcome news for some parents who have said it will help children's mental health.

One mum said: "Indoors at this time of year, the whole day, they end up being drawn to watch get out be able to walk, be able to play that's really important to us."

Restrictions will remain in place until at least mid-February.

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