Why ITV Central weather presenter Des Coleman is shielding

Our weather presenter Des Coleman is shielding once more on government advice.

During his address to the nation on Monday night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the extremely clinically vulnerable who were previously told to shield will be advised to stay at home and only leave for medical appointments and exercise.

Des fell extremely ill in November 2018 with a gastric tumour and had to have multiple blood transfusions.

Credit: Des during his time in hospital

He previously went into isolation during the first lockdown.

He says this time he plans to spend his time keeping fit and exercising. With a new bike at hand that he bought after the first lockdown, Des added: "I am going to be riding an awful lot."

Des continued: "It's going to be another sort of traumatic time but the vaccine is on the horizon and that's what we've all got to cling on to."

His colleagues from across ITV Weather will be bringing you the forecast every day.

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