How Alpacas can help you dispose of your Christmas tree in an eco-friendly way

Today is Twelfth night. The day when traditionally we take down all Christmas decorations. But what to do if you have a real tree and you want to dispose of it in an eco-friendly way?

Well, one woman in Derbyshire has come up with what she says is the ultimate recycling team - Alpacas and donkeys.

They'll be munching their way through discarded Christmas trees and according to owner Sarah Hudgins, they're going down a treat.

She says: "This time of year there is very little grass to be eaten so they quite enjoy coming and having a bit of a browse on them."

It's full of Vitamin C and some of them are full of Vitamin A, so it's a bit of a treat for them. And they love scratching on them .. just a bit of enrichment really.

Sarah Hudgins
Credit: ITV News Central

Rather than see them end up in landfill, Sarah put out an appeal on social media for people living nearby to bring along their unwanted trees to her small-holding at Breaston.

She says: I put a quick post on Facebook thinking I might get one or two. And I think at the last count we've got about 40. So it's been staggering but it's been really good.

Some of the animals will eat the bark off them. But then I use them to fill in gaps in the hedge, so it works really well and we keep going with it and nothing gets wasted.

Sarah Hudgins

Sarah's initiative has been a hit with families and the children. She said some "have been devastated that the trees are coming down.

"But as soon as they come and see the Alpacas and the sheep, and the donkeys having a bit of a munch on them, they're really pleased".

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