'I'm still on cloud nine!' Widowed OAP reunited with lost dog

A man from Walsall says he is 'still on cloud nine' following the safe return of his beloved companion, Penny.

Alan Chamberlain says that his King Charles Spaniel, Penny, is his last remaining link to wife Margaret, who passed away last April. 

Penny escaped from home when Alan returned from delivering Christmas cards.

Now, they are back reunited after a passerby spotted the pooch under a bridge.

She was found lost on the street by two women, and then taken by another man who claimed she was his.

Alan released this heartfelt plea through ITV News Central last week.

Alan says that Penny meant everything to him and when he used to speak to the dog he felt like he was speaking to his late wife as well.

Experts say the theft  is part of a trend that has seen an increase in the stealing of dogs during the pandemic. 

As more people stay at home during lockdown the demand for dogs has increased - and so have prices.

It means more dogs have been stolen by criminals aiming to sell them.

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