500 people receive jab on first day of mass vaccination centre at Birmingham's Millennium Point

500 people received Coronavirus vaccines on day one of the first mass vaccination centre in the West Midlands, at Millennium Point in Birmingham.

The conference venue is one of only 7 sites in the UK that has been turned into a hub to administer vaccines, first to the elderly and to NHS workers.

It's part of the government's plan to vaccinate 14 million people against coronavirus by the end of February.

NHS worker Olga was one of the first people to be vaccinated at Millennium Point. She said it was important for her to get the jab to show her colleagues and family that it's safe.

Staff who are administering the vaccine say they hope to vaccinate 2,500 people each day.

Georgina is one of the nurses vaccinating people at the centre. She told us that the opening day has been "exciting" as many see it as the the road to the end of the pandemic.

She says so far the vaccination process, in hospitals and GP practices, has been running "very smoothly" and she has "high hopes" for the future.

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