Nottinghamshire pub fined for serving alcohol to customers inside during national lockdown

The Nottinghamshire pub was fined after a visit from the council showed they were serving alcohol inside, in breach of national lockdown restrictions. Credit: ITV News Central

The Plough Inn in Cropwell Butler was handed fines after police found four people drinking around a table, watching TV with a member of staff on Wednesday 13th January.

The pub owners have been fined £1000 by Rushcliffe Borough Council, while police gave £200 fines to everyone present. 

Pubs have been closed across the country since the government introduced harsh COVID-19 restrictions in early January. Credit: ITV News Central

It has also received a prohibition notice ensuring it cannot allow individuals to enter the premises to consume food or drink. 

Councillor Rob Inglis from Rushcliffe Borough Council says although breaches like these are disappointing, the majority of people in the area are following the rules.

  • Cllr Rob Inglis, Rushcliffe Borough Council

The Director for Public Health in Nottinghamshire, Jonathan Gribbin, when asked about this instance, he repeated the message that "every single one of us plays our part" in the spread of coronavirus.

  • Jonathan Gribbin, Director for Public Health for Nottinghamshire

Rushcliffe Inspector Craig Berry said they will not tolerate people breaking coronavirus restrictions.